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Annex to the STATUTE

2012.09.02 DRAFT


Guidance and Rules for the Arrangement of APL Conferences:


In addition to the requirements given in the APL Statute, the present Guidance and
Rules should make it possible to arrange conferences in different countries and still
ensure that the individual conferences have similar structure.


General Requirements:

In accordance with the Statute, the Executive Board (EB), the Steering Committee (SC),
and especially the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for each APL must comply with
the following requirements:
  • a )  Prevent activities, advertisements, promotion and exhibitions of
  • NON-conventional Lightning Protection Systems that might be dangerous if used.
  • b )  The LOC of APL conferences and meetings should refuse sponsorship from
  • manufacturers and distributors of non-conventional or non-verified Lightning
  • Protection Systems in order to prevent any indirect advertisement.
  • c )  Individual conference homepages and their content should follow APL Committee
  • recommendations and contain the policy statements given by the EB and SC.
At a minimum, papers from these two groups should be identified and rejected.


  • -  Papers concerning nonconventional or non-verified air termination systems that
  • do not contain critical discussions and analyses.
  • -  Papers concerning air termination systems with their efficiency assessed on the
  • basis of laboratory tests without corresponding critical discussions and analyses.

The social activities and the comfort level of the conference location should be selected
in an effort to keep the cost of conference participation within limits, especially for
students and retirees.