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 Message from APL Steering Committee Chairman 


Prof. Jinliang He
Steering Committee Chairman of APL

Lightning is always one of the most serious natural disaster in the word.
Lighting physics and lighting protection are not an old topic of science and technology forever, there is a long distance for mankind to completely control lightning.

In order to exchange information regarding lightning protection in Asian countries and for the purpose of education and spread of lightning protection technology in Asian countries, ALPF (Asian Lightning Protection Forum) was established in 2002. This was done under the leadership of 3 countries, namely Chinese committee, Japanese committee and Korean committee of IEC TC81. ALPF had held six annual meetings since 2003: Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Guangzhou, Jeju, and Yokohama.

ALPF was changed as a formal international biennial conference with the new name "Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL)" at the 7th Chengdu meeting in China held in 2011.Steering Committee during the meeting held in Vienna in 2012. Since 7th APL in Chengdu, APL has become a most important event in lightning community, which now is a conference held in Asia, but participants come from all the world.

As the Steering Committee Chairman of APL, I will continue to do my best to maintain APL to be one the most important lightning communities for exchanging and originating information of Lightning Protection in the world.