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2012.09.02 proposed by APL JPNC


This statute is effective beginning with the 8th APL, 2013 in Seoul, Korea.


1.  The Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning (APL)
  • 1.1.  The APL is held every two years in Asian and Pacific countries.
  • 1.2.  The APL is an organization with these aims:
    • 1.2.1.  To stimulate and support research related to lightning phenomena,the
    • effects of lightning and lightning protection methods.
    • 1.2.2.  To further the exchange of results and experience among scientists and
    • engineers working in relevant fields.
  • 1.3.  The individual conferences are organized by Local Organization Committees in
  • accordance with regulations established by the APL Steering Committee.
2.  Administrative Committees of the APL
  • 2.1.  Steering Committee (SC)
  • 2.2.  Steering Committee Executive Board (EB)
  • 2.3.  Local Organizing Committees (LOC)
3.  Steering Committee (SC)
  • 3.1.  Structure and set-up of the SC
    • 3.1.1.  The SC consists of a maximum of twelve persons* appointed among
    • scientists and engineers active in lightning research, lightning protection
    • and related fields.
    • 3.1.2.  The period of service of each SC member is four years with the option of
    • re-election for a maximum of two additional periods of four years each.
    • 3.1.3.  At the SC meeting during each of the biennial APL Conferences, the current
    • SC members shall elect new members from newly nominated candidates
    • and from the existing SC members (cf.p.3.1.4).
    • 3.1.4.  The SC may appoint honorary members to the SC in recognition of their
    • outstanding service to the APL.  The honorary members shall have no
    • voting authority in SC matters.


*  The numbers of persons has not been finalized.  The appropriate number

of members will be discussed at a future SC meeting.

  • 3.2.  Responsibilities of the SC
    • 3.2.1.  Selection of topics for APL conferences.
    • 3.2.2.  Selection of individual APL conference sites.
    • 3.2.3.  Approval of the procedures for the execution of the conference sessions,
    • presentations, publications etc.
    • 3.2.4.  Approval of the chairman and members of the Local Organizing Committee
    • (LOC) for each APL conference, estimates and /or approval of preliminary
    • conference budgets and final conference accounts.
4.  Executive Board (EB)
  • 4.1.  The EB shall consist of a president, a vice president and a secretary.
  • 4.2.  The Chair person and vice Chair person are elected by the SC members for a
  • period of four years.
  • 4.3.  The secretary of SC is appointed by the Chair person for the same period to
  • support the Chair person in his tasks.
5.  Individual Conference Local Organizing Committee (LOC)
  • 5.1.  The LOC for each individual APL shall be nominated by representatives of the
  • National Organization or relevant institution of the country willing to take on the
  • responsibility for organizing that conference.
  • 5.2.  Final approval of the LOC (Chairperson and members of the organizing
  • committee) shall be issued by the SC.
  • 5.3.  Responsibilities of the LOC
    • 5.3.1.  Prepare preliminary conference budget estimates.
    • 5.3.2.  Arrange and hold the conference within the framework established and
    • approved by the SC.
    • 5.3.3. Prepare final accounting of expenses within three months after the end of
    • the conference.

  • 5.4.  Responsibilities of the Technical Program Committee (TPC)
    • 5.4.1.  Referee and issue final approval for presentations.
6.  Internet Operations
  • 6.1.  Yet to be determined.