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What's New

Favicon What's New After considering advices from all aspects, the Steering Committee has decided to postpone the APL 2021 to 2023. (11/02/2021)
Favicon The 11th 2019 APL Hong Kong,CHINA HP. (11/09/2018)
Favicon We made a correction of the Organization Steering Committee member list. (18/10/2016)
Favicon The 10th 2017 APL Thailand HP. (08/07/2016)
Favicon The 10th 2017 APL Thailand New Call for Paper. (08/07/2016)
Favicon The 10th 2017 APL Thailand 1st Call for Paper. (03/04/2016)
Favicon  Along with the closure, the acknowledgments from the LOC chair were reprinted here. (03/04/2016)
Favicon Announcement of APL2015. (07/06/2014)
Favicon The 9 th Asia-Pacific International Conference on Lightning will be held on june 23-26,2015, in Nagoya, Japan. (28/06/2013)
Favicon The 8th 2013 APL, which was held June 26 has ended. (28/06/2013)
Favicon Web site was Opened. (20/05/2013)
Favicon Final Paper Submission Deadline is May 10, 2013. (20/04/2013)
Favicon The 8th 2013 APL Seoul 1st Call for Paper. (02/11/2012)